Found a pest in your home or shop? Check out these resources on how to enjoy a safe and pest-free environment from the experts.

Image of rats
Rodent infestation is a constant threat in Australia – whether you live in a suburb Read more
Image of red back spider
Redback spiders live well in gardens and they love hiding behind items such as boxes Read more
Flying ants and a large ant
Seeing a swarm of flying ants outside – hundreds of thousands of them – is Read more
Image of a rodent in a toy car
Know some of the methods that can prevent rats and mice from causing mayhem to Read more
Image of a rat
In this day and age, the idea of living in a nifty rental is especially Read more
Image of a moth
Sometimes these bugs will find their way into your home, and that is not a Read more
Image of a couple outside a new house
Wood rot can happen to any part of the house that is made from timber Read more
Image of black ants
Black Ants in a Nutshell The common black house ant is small (2.5mm – 3mm) Read more
Image of bites on a woman's back
A group of small dots on your skin can either be bites from bed bugs Read more
Image of Easter eggs on grass
Easter is almost here! This means communities and families are coming together to plan a Read more
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