Pests That Come with the Cyclone Season in Australia

Severe storm weather, which annually lashes Australia, including Southeast Queensland, not only brings water (lots of it) and potentially flooding, but also pests that have come out to get out of the rain.

However, there are pests that you need you watch out for during heavy rainfall because they would be looking for a place where they can shelter from the rain, and your home and other structures are ideal places.

Is there increased presence of certain pests during the cyclone season?

Wet weather tends to flush out creatures that typically go underground as they seek warmth and shelter inside people’s homes. For example, there more spider sightings and increased rodent activity as this time of the year. Mosquitoes are also more likely to breed more, encouraged by the warm, wet weather.

It is the same things with termites. After a heavy rain, flying termites, or alates, or reproductives, leave their colony to look for a mate and establish their own colony.

With rain comes the possibility of flooding. Pests that burrow into the ground, such as mice, rats and spiders, rats and mice come out to seek higher ground.

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Preparing for potential pest infestations during the cyclone season

There is nothing you can do to stop pests from coming out in droves during storms in search of a safe haven from the downpour. What you can do is prepare your home to ensure it doesn’t get invaded by nasty little critters that could cause damage to your home.

  1. Update your pest control program

    Conduct interior and exterior inspection of your house to find and fix structural flaws that may get worse due to the impending storm. In addition, potential pest breeding sites such as trash bins should be put far away from the house.

  2. Eliminate standing water to prevent mosquito breeding

    Mosquitoes can lay their eggs on just half an inch of standing water. Therefore, you have to identify and deal with the sources of standing water, which can be located in noticeable areas where flood waters can accumulate such as bird baths, clogged gutters, flowerpots, garbage cans, etc. Draining these water receptacles can prevent the increase in mosquito population in your yard.

  3. Throw away contaminated food and broken items to keep rodents away

    Food can spoil during an extended period of power outage. This attract rodents that are displaced by rising flood waters. To avoid this, make sure to put any spoiled food in a sealed trash bag outside the house and make sure that your garbage is collected by sanitation workers on time.

  4. Identify and assess any water damage to prevent termite and ant attacks

    Decaying wood, resulting from water damage, may invite termites, which feeds on wood. Additionally, excessive moisture around your house can oversaturate soil and force the insects living underground, such as ants, to come out and find a safe shelter. To avoid this potential disaster, get rid of decaying debris that could be used as a shelter by pests, repair damaged pipes and make sure there is no water pooling around your property that could compromise its structural foundation.

  5. Inspect for crevices caused by structural damage

    Houses can be damaged by high winds, rain and hail. Wildlife can also be displaced. This is a combination that motivates larger pests like rats and mice to seek shelter in homes. Broken roofs, siding and other gaps ca be used as entry points by pests. Check for any gap in the exterior of your house and seal it immediately. In addition, seal any openings around windows and doors to keep pests away during hurricane season.

The Different Pests to Look Out for During Cyclone Season

Below are some of the pests that may have increased activity during heavy rains or storm:

  • Spiders. There seem to be more sighting of these eight-legged creatures than normal during flooding events. This is because they travel in swarm as they search for safety in higher grounds.
  • Termites. These wood-eating pests thrive in moist environment. Queensland is already in the red zone for termite activity, so watch out for them during the rainy season.
  • Rats and Mice. These agile creatures are driven out from the burrows and into your home by rising flood waters. These rodents must be kept out at all costs because their bring germs and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses.
  • Ants. Ants will flee their colony into safer, higher grounds, which is usually a dry, cozy human home.

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Benefits of Professional Pest Control Services

Do-it-yourself pest control usually involves harsh chemicals that can be harmful when used improperly. This is why hiring professional pest control services is worth it.

There are a lot more advantages to hiring experienced pest control experts:

  • Accurate identification of the pest that has invaded the home
  • Skills in finding the source of the pest problem and eliminating it.
  • Saves time and effort
  • The use of the latest pest control techniques and technologies.

Pest control companies with years of experience check with their customers to make sure the pest problem has been fixed. If required, they perform follow-up treatments to ensure they provide an excellent customer service experience.


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