Rodent infestation is a constant threat in Australia – whether you live in a suburb or in an urban area.

Redback spiders live well in gardens and they love hiding behind items such as boxes and other unused articles you have moved outside the house.

Seeing a swarm of flying ants outside is the stuff of nightmares. But some of these insects may be flying ants, especially if you see them during the summer months.

Know some of the methods that can prevent rats and mice from causing mayhem to your vehicle.

In this day and age, the idea of living in a nifty rental is especially appealing to a lot of millennials in Australia. If you’re one of them, and if you’re one of the lucky people who have found a potential new home, don’t sign the lease just yet.

Your new abode can already be the home of tiny critters gnawing through kitchen cabinets at 4 am and hanging out behind appliance in broad daylight. That’s right—rodents. Tick everything off in this checklist before signing a lease to save yourself from moving in with rats and mice.

1. Check for Any Droppings in Corners

Rodents will either defecate or urinate in areas where they feel safe and corners are one of these.

2. Identify Flag Holes, Gaps, and Cracks as Small as a Quarter of an Inch

Gaps in the moulding, jagged crevices under the sink and around the pipes are rodent entryways. Look for these and see to it that maintenance fixes cracks, fills holes and nails down any loose baseboards before rodents start emerging from the woodwork.

3. Look for Rodent Nests Behind Large Appliances

Rat and mice nests are commonly under stoves and refrigerators as these appliances both produce moisture and heat. Food debris can also gather near them. For these reasons, it’s essential to inspect these areas thoroughly.

4. Ask Your Neighbours

Mice and rats don’t target just one unit, they usually invade an entire building. Just to be safe, coordinate with your property manager and reach out to your would-be neighbours (even past residents) to determine if the building has previously had rodent issues.

5. Hire a Reputable Building and Pest Inspector

Simply don’t have the time to inspect your potential home for rodents? Easy. Take advantage of the services of a building and pest inspector you can trust—just like Bob Gunn Termite Solutions. While our team is at it, we’ll also check for unwanted surprises, like other household pests and termites. Contact us today in Brisbane. For discounted pest control service, book online.

Sometimes these bugs will find their way into your home, and that is not a good thing.

Wood rot can happen to any part of the house that is made from timber and that has been exposed to the fungi that cause the damage. Wood rot happens after a certain exposure to air and moisture, which are essential to the growth of the rot-causing fungi.

Wood rot is quite difficult to control because once you see the wood rotting, the damage is irreversible. The only thing you can do is to prevent further damage by controlling the pests that eat the wood. Some rotting wood can still be saved if the damage is not yet complete.

At the first indication of wood rot, you have to act fast before the pest reaches infestation level that can carry out big structural damage to the house.

Preventing Wood Rot

The spores that carry the fungi will get to the wood no matter what. So if you are working to prevent fungal wood rot, the best thing to do is to keep the wood from moisture. Fungal growth is activated by moisture, so if you keep the wooden parts of the house dry, they can be protected from such infestation.

If there is already evidence of wood rot caused by fungi, make sure to address the problem right away. Repair the rotting wood as soon as possible.

Repairing Wood Rot

If wood rot is already happening in the house, check if the wood can still be salvaged. The rotting part needs to be removed. If the damage is big enough, such as the entire window sill, there is no choice but to replace the wood.

After removing the rotten part of the wood, apply a wood hardener, which penetrates into the wood fibre to give it added structural strength.

Professional Pest Control

If there is already an uncontrollable infestation going on, or if you simply do want a thorough and highly effective method to get rid of the fungi, you should consider seeking the help of the best pest control company.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide the service you need for wood rot problems. Our inspectors are highly skilled in identifying all sorts of wood rot and insect damage to properties.

We will have to evaluate the types of wood that are exposed or are potentially in danger of fungal attacks. Once the problem has been identified and evaluated, we will then formulate the most appropriate solution.

Find out more about our company’s pest control services today.

Black Ants in a Nutshell

The common black house ant is small (2.5mm – 3mm) and attracted to sweet food. The worker ants enter homes usually under doors, or around windows and will leave long trails between their nest and the food they are collecting.

They are found in urban and rural areas of Australia and like to nest against paths, stonework, under logs and can also nest between walls and in roofs. If they are nesting in your home, you will most likely find a pile of black droppings on floors or window sills as the worker ants are tasked to take the mess (rubbish) from their nest and dump it somewhere in order to keep the nest clean.

How to Get Rid of Black House Ants

The best thing you can do to prevent them is to starve them. Don’t leave food or drinks lying around for them–drops of water, crumbs, the works. Cleaning all spills and regularly taking out your rubbish will also keep these ants from finding your home a desirable habitat.

  • Keep kitchen benches clean and clear of food and crumbs
  • Store foods in airtight containers in the pantry or fridge
  • Sweep or vacuum any crumbs and spills off floors regularly
  • Keep areas dry, especially the kitchen and bathrooms

How To Eradicate a Colony

Because ants live together in colonies, and the eradication of the queen will destroy the colony, using their foraging instinct to take the contaminated matter back to the nest is an excellent control mechanism. Barrier treatments to keep the ants separated from the food source are also successful, and often a combination of the two will provide the perfect solution.

Our team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions are trained, experienced and licensed to advise on the best method for ant control. Call us today in Brisbane and we will offer a solution that suits your individual circumstance.

Easter is almost here! This means communities and families are coming together to plan a delightful Easter egg hunt for the young ones.

However, before beginning to hide the Easter eggs, it’s essential to walk the egg hunting area as there can be potential hazards to the children. Below are a few pest control tips to follow before the Easter egg hunt.

Fire Ants

When building their nests, fire ants prefer open, sunny areas. Unfortunately, your yard is one example. That’s why it helps to go over your property and look for signs of ant hills before sending the kids out searching for eggs.

Whilst distinguishing between various ants can be hard, a trained pest control technician can tell the difference and recommend the best way to eradicate them. Fire ants should be taken seriously as their bite can lead to grave consequences.

Bee and Wasp Nests

The atmosphere can be cooling down by now but buzzing insects like wasps and bees are still out and about. Often times, you’ll find their colonies in obscure places like under a deck or railing and sometimes even laying on your lawn if they’ve fallen off a tree.

Stings are painful and for children, they’re worse. Get a bee control expert right away if you suspect that there’s an unwanted bee or wasp population on your property.

Other Pests

A range of other insects, small rodents and snakes are fond of hiding in the grass, rarely making themselves known. Hire the services of a reputable pest control company to survey your land and search for signs associated with any of these creatures.

Your egg hunt should be free from hazards for everyone, and pest control can get rid of any of those risks early on.

Bob Gunn Cares About Your Pest Problem

Pest control is important all throughout the year, not just on Easter. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions knows this which is why, regardless of what holiday it is, we’re more than glad to solve your pest problem for you. Contact us in Brisbane today. Our friendly office staff is waiting for your call or book online to take advantage of discounted prices.

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