Found a pest in your home or shop? Check out these resources on how to enjoy a safe and pest-free environment from the experts.

Image of a woman inspecting a house

What to Do During a Home Inspection

After finding a potential home and hiring a trustworthy home inspector, the next step would be, of course, the inspection itself. As a home buyer, you’d think you can sit back and relax as the inspector does his job. Wrong. You also have…
Black and white image of a laundromat

Why Your Non-Food Business Still Needs Pest Control

Just because your business doesn’t handle food and/or beverages doesn’t mean you don’t need pest control. Commercial pest control services such as insect and rodent control are still necessary. Start protecting your reputation and your…
Image of a family playing in a garden

Spring Pest Control: 7 Ways to Keep Pests out of Your Property

Spring is all about enjoying the great outdoors! However, whether you choose to relish the season inside or outside your home, pests can still easily ruin your mood. Thankfully, all it takes are a few steps to keep pests out of your property.…
Image of a man holding a HVAC sign

HVAC System Pest Control Tips

Like humans, pests need to shelter themselves and keep dry. This is why they persistently invade buildings even after countless efforts of being repelled. The HVAC system is one integral part of commercial properties that can be easily infested.…
Imaege of a man teaching staff members

Effective Integrated Pest Management for Businesses: Involve Your Staff

The only thing your business should warmly welcome are your customers, not pests. Whilst it’s highly likely that you already have an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program in place, the question is if your employees are familiar with the…
Image of a chef carrying plates of food

The 6 Common Restaurant Pests to Watch out For

We've all heard stories of insects ending up in someone's soup and damaging a restaurant's reputation (and business). Aside from resulting in an angry diner, complaints about pest sightings, dead insects or their random body parts in food items…
An Image of a cockroach

5 Diseases Cockroaches Can Cause

It’s extremely upsetting to come across a cockroach infestation in our own home. Infestations are caused when we become negligent of our own home’s cleanliness, including the storing of food. If left alone, cockroaches can cause multiple…
Image of termites

How to Check Your Home for Termites

It’s highly advisable to check your home for termites every now and then, especially if your home has wood that comes in contact with the ground or if it has areas that are difficult to inspect. Looking for possible termite infestation…
Image of a sick house

Six Ways to Tell That Your Home Is Sick

With winter fast approaching, you can expect the common cold and other illnesses to disrupt your daily grind. Whilst focusing on staying healthy, why not think about the health of your home as well? Here are the six major ways your…

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