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Also servicing Redlands, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Scenic Rim & surrounds


Suspect you may have termites?

Pest Inspections

If you are a homeowner, the most convenient way to avoid termites is to have your home inspected regularly for these creatures and other pests.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions exists to help you with this. We will design an effective solution for your problem that not only meets your needs but also your budget.

Termites in a building are not always obvious, which means that many people have an infestation and don’t even know. However, with our termite inspections for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and surrounding regions, you can rest easy knowing that you have taken the first step to protect your house from termites.

During our inspections, we thoroughly inspect every part of your home looking for signs of termite infestation such as

  • Termite mud tunnels
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Bubbling paint
  • Stubborn doors and windows

  • Dropping in ceiling or roof truss height
  • High moisture areas
  • Leaking bathrooms

Once we identify the termite infestation we can start the process of treating the active Termites as part of the Termite management programme for your property.

Termite Inspections & Treatments in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Surrounding Areas

Termites often hide themselves well, which means you could have an infestation without knowing it. That’s why Bob Gunn Termite Solutions provides thorough termite inspection services in Brisbane, Gold Cost, Sunshine Coast, and the surrounding areas. We check every part of your home, especially those areas where termites might hide or where signs of an infestation would be more visible.

We look for signs like small holes in the walls and squeaky floors. We also check any wooden structures or furniture for maze-like patterns.


Our Termite Inspection Brisbane Division specialises in Termite Inspections in the Greater Brisbane including, Southside, Northside, Ipswich, Logan and Redlands area. As evidence of the outstanding service we provide our pest control solutions, we service thousands of Brisbane homes each year

The termite inspection is step 1 in termite management, and understanding the activity and most effective treatment.

Termites are a big part of many pest issues Brisbane homeowners have faced for many years. Often referred to as white ants they are determined and adaptable, with 1 in 3 properties across Brisbane affected by Termites.

Conditions in Brisbane are very suitable for termites and the greater Brisbane is classed as a high-risk area. The industrial best practice is to have a yearly termite inspection, and in some cases even more often.

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, We are experts in termite inspections, detection, treatment, management, and control. We have been removing termites from homes and businesses across Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for over 25 years. Our extensive termite treatment services have saved thousands of South East Queensland houses from being destroyed by this devastating pest, with our extensive termite management and pest control services we have been protecting Brisbane families since 1995.

Termite Inspection & Control by the Professionals 

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we firmly believe that prevention is the best approach to pest control and management.

When you seek our services, we do everything we can to keep your home pest-free. This includes chemical barriers and routine inspections. Our barriers deter termites from entering your home. And with our inspection services, we can catch any infestation and stop it immediately.

Our team of pest control professionals has served Brisbane and surrounding areas for 25 years, and work to ensure that every home or building we provide termite control and treatment for is free from future infestation. We treat each job uniquely and work to find the right termite treatment for you.

Pest Control, Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments in Brisbane Southside, Brisbane Northside, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Redlands and Logan.

If you need termite control services in Brisbane, you can reach us on


Bob Gunn uses the latest state of the art non-intrusive termite inspection technology, the Termatrac Termite Radar
The Termite Detection Radar & Thermal Sensor and Moisture Sensor, together with Data Storage, Analysis and Presentation, the Termatrac T3i is the most advanced system in the world developed purely to detect, confirm and track the presence of termites.


Common signs of a termite infestation in Brisbane, that homeowners find can be bubbling or cracked paint, damaged skirtings or window and door frames.
With sagging floors, this can be indicative of extensive termite damage—often enough to render the structure unable to be occupied.
Other signs of termite infestation may be visible and can be outdoors or in the subfloor— such as mud tunnels. Pen-sized tubes are found projecting from outside walls and give termites protection and moisture.

Need termite inspection & management services for your home and commercial properties?

Termite inspections made easy

Regular termite inspections are an essential component in the prevention of termites. Which is why we offer full termite inspections and reports to help maintain the health your property. As part of our inspection, our fully licensed, experienced and knowledgeable staff utilise T3i and cameras.

Before you buy your next property, it is also vital to have it thoroughly inspected for all timber pests to ensure no nasty surprises are lurking inside your walls. We can coordinate our services with a licensed building inspector to ensure the structural integrity and safety of your home. Full timber pest inspection reports are issued within 24 hours of inspection.

Found Termites in your House?

Fret not. We offer wide-ranging termite treatment and management services for residential properties including:

  • Yearly White Ant / Termite Inspections
  • Exterra Termite Baiting and Interception Systems – controls and eliminates the colony
  • Chemical Barriers – prevents termites from gaining access into your house

Termite Protection and/or Treatments in Brisbane

Termite control requires a complete and professional approach. There is no 1 treatment that works for all homes, the strategy is targeted and in most case unique to that property.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions will inspect and investigate your individual situation and create a termite treatment strategy to suit the most efficient eradication..
We have grown our business over the years on demand and now service all Brisbane suburbs across Greater Brisbane including Northern suburbs, Southside, Redlands, Ipswich and Logan.

  Termite Inspection Brisbane - Our Process

1.5 to 2 hours

Our specialists leave no stone unturned.

Extensive Assessment

  • Past treatments
  • Suitable treatments for your home or business
  • Information on conducive areas

Early Detection & Prevention

Termites or white ants can cause extensive destruction to your home or business if undetected.

Early detection and identification can prevent further damage and significantly minimize repair costs.

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive Termite Inspection
  • Full Termite Inspection Report
  • Quote for Termite Protection

The termite inspection process can vary from small homes to large commercial buildings, at Bob Gunn, no job is too small or too large.
Brisbane Termite Inspections should take between 1.5hrs to 2hrs, as our specialists leave no stone unturned.

At the point when a termite review is done, every available part of the home or building is assessed.

When a termite inspection is carried out, all accessible areas of the home or building are assessed. The highly skilled Termite Inspectors are able to provide information on conducive areas, any past treatment, and the best options for treatments and extermination solutions to suit your home’s infestation. We have the latest technology for evaluating and the best techniques for control and can provide a guarantee that no invasion occurs later on.

An inspection by Bob Gunn Termite Solutions Brisbane will always be accompanied by a report which will detail all findings and recommendations. It will also contain any recommendations for ongoing termite management.

A full inspection will provide you with a complete report from your technician and allow us to properly identify where any termites exist


Termites are danger to all homes and businesses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine coast, Ipswich, Logan, and Redlands. 

Termites or white ant can cause extensive destruction to your home if undetected, but with regular termite inspections conducted by Bob Gunn Pest Control’s local termite inspection team, we can help safeguard your home from uninvited houseguests. Early detection of termites, and then identifying the extent of damage caused, further damage can be arrested, and repair costs often be significantly minimized.

Providing fast, safe, and effective termite control and extermination solutions by local specialists supported by the assurance that comes from the Bob Gunn Termite Solutions name.

Brisbane and indeed South East Queensland is such a high-risk termite region, and with our amount of experience in termite protection and treatment from Logan to the Redlands and across Brisbane Northside and Brisbane Southside and even to Ipswich, we provide full Pest Control including comprehensive termite inspections, full termite inspection reports, termite baiting system and we specialize in termite barriers.

Concerned homeowners or business owners should contact Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide accurate quotes in your home or just arrange for your annual termite inspection or general pest control services.

Contact us to book your annual Brisbane Termite Inspection today

How Can Termites Be Controlled?

There are several ways to control termite infestation in your home. Our licensed timber pest management technicians are more than capable of providing a termite management solution that is suitable to your requirements and environmental conditions. These may include:

  • Chemical Barriers
  • Termite Baiting / Monitoring and Interception Systems
  • Physical Barrier Systems (Pre-Construction or Extensions / Renovations)

Termites, unfortunately, do have a way of concealing themselves in the most inconvenient spots away from prying eyes. That is why you should always be on the lookout for the tell-tale signs of termite activity.

Signs include:

Timber Damage

This condition can occur because wood-boring insects, such as termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles, infest a structure and cause the wood to weaken, rot, or decay. This can lead to structural damage, which can be costly to repair. It is important to be aware of the signs of home timber damage and to have regular inspections to ensure that your home is not at risk.

Blistering Paint

Blistering paint on homes can be caused by a variety of issues, including improper surface preparation, inadequate priming, excessive moisture, and extreme temperature changes. It can also be caused by the presence of pests like termites or carpenter ants. If you’re experiencing blistering pain in your home, it is important to identify the underlying cause in order to determine the most effective way to address it.

Strange Marks

The presence of strange marks on your walls, furniture, or other wood surfaces is likely due to the presence of termites. It is important to act quickly to get rid of these pests before they can even cause more damage.

Faulty Electrics

Termites may cause electrical problems if they chew through wiring or other components. Common signs of termite damage to electrical systems include flickering lights, buzzing outlets, sparks or smoke coming from outlets, and electrical shorts.

Spots of Mud Protruding From Walls

Mud protruding from walls is a common sign of a termite infestation. Termites build mud tunnels or galleries as they travel from one area to another and feed on wood. These mud tunnels are usually found near existing wood or other cellulose-based materials. If you see mud protruding from your walls, it is likely that you have a termite infestation in your home.

Don’t forget to remove tree stumps and eliminate sources of water like dripping taps and leaks in the home – all of which can attract termites.

Residential Pest Control

The Technology

Bob Gunn uses the latest state of the art non-intrusive termite inspection technology,
the Termatrac Termite Radar.

Termatrac®T3i Termite Detection system has revolutionized termite detection and inspection protocols and technology because of its 3-in-1 termite detection devices. World standard and setting the new benchmark for non-intrusive termite inspection tools, and is the 1 device that detects, identify and tracks the existence of termites!

The Termite Detection Radar & Thermal Sensor and Moisture Sensor, together with Data Storage, Analysis and Presentation, the Termatrac T3i is the most advanced system in the world developed purely to detect, confirm and track the presence of termites.


The reproductives, consisting of dark-coloured males and females with fully developed wings, later on leave the nest. After flying in swarms, they shed their wings, pair off and mate.

The pair of reproductives will then find a location to begin a new colony, where they are the king and queen, responsible for the production of eggs.

We know a lot about termites. For more information, call us in Brisbane today on 07 3286 9877.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, home insurance will only cover property damage that is unexpected and accidental. Termite damage arises as a result of gradual occurrence and is considered preventable, making this an exclusion to average home insurance policies.

Termite damage, therefore, is not covered by home insurance and becomes the responsibility of the homeowner.

Termite treatments require ongoing maintenance to keep your property protected from these pests. As part of your termite management, you will need to schedule an annual termite inspection.

We use Termatrac which detects vibrations in the wall. When there is a need to confirm termite activities, a thermal camera may also be used.

  • Comprehensive Termite Inspection
  • Full Termite Inspection Reports
  • Baiting
  • Termite Barriers

Our termite protection for preconstruction includes:

  • Kordon Termite Barriers
  • Altis Reticulation Systems

Reticulation systems are designed to treat areas under concrete slabs and around the external perimeter of structures to prevent termites from entering the building.

When this barrier is installed in the entry points of termites during the construction, active termite activity becomes more visible. This means almost zero damages and quicker eradication.

Termites are not strong enough to eat through concrete. Concrete does not give any form of nourishment to termites either. However, termites can squeeze themselves through and provide a passageway to get to the nearest food source. They can still get to any timber building materials in your home. Having concrete foundation is not a foolproof barrier for termites.

It is important to remember that a termite nest would likely to have somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000 new eggs laid every single day. For a colony to be sustained, it requires access to multiple food supplies. If they are on your property, they will be in search for new things to eat.

Thus, it is important that any existing termite nests in your property be treated, or that preventative methods, such as chemical barriers, are in place to avoid termites from reaching and damaging your property.

Know that the houses in a neighbourhood can share one termite colony. If one house got termites treated it can make termites more active in another house that is already infested. However, this will not drive them to another house that have chemical barriers in place. Termites are not going to safely cross to infest your house.

You can kill the ones you can hit but the underlying problem is the colony that they came from remains and only in exterminating the colony will you remove the threat brought by termites.

Termites are among the hardest insects to get rid of. Finding them alone is challenging and gaining access to them is whole another story. You need the know-how and access to effective treatments if you want to get rid of them. It is always best to contact a professional to do the job for you instead of spending countless hours and money to have the termites in another part of the house with more damage to repair.

The materials used do not attract termites however mulch spread over three inches deep can create an inviting habitat for the pests. The layers of organic matter traps heat and moisture next to the ground and termites will use this thick mulch as a shelter.

Typically houses have wooden frame so it is still not safe from termites. No matter how the wood is separated from the ground, termites will find their way to it.

Yes. Several colonies of termites can occupy your home but each colony do not mingle from one to the other.


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We have used Bob Gunn Termite Solutions for over 10 years at both our investment property and our home. They are always on time, deliver reports promptly and get back to us when they say them will. I highly recommend Bob Gunn Termite Solutions for all your pest needs.

Called up about have some fly problems around the bbq area. Shane came over and did an amazing job. We saw results almost straight away. Would definitely recommend them to anyone! Thanks heaps.

I found Termite Damage, so called them and the manager Shane came to our home immediately and had a look at the damage and instantly came up with a plan how to solve the issue. Great service and fair price. Can only recommend them.

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