Are You Attracting Pests? Common Mistakes to Avoid in Pest Prevention 

Houses and other structures attract different types of pests, but they don’t just drop by out of the blue. There must be recurring problems in your home that serve as a beacon for pests like ants, termites, cockroaches, rats, mice, and more. Or, you are doing pest control, as you should, but you’re doing it the wrong way.

Living in Australia, you must be constantly aware that pest infestation is just one neglect away. We have near perfect weather throughout the year, and we have beautiful surroundings in the form of beaches, parklands, bushlands, etc. But these beautiful things are also the stuff that allow various pests to thrive.

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What are you doing that is attracting pests to your home and how do you fix them?

1. Not being vigilant about pest control

Being reactive when it comes to pest control sometimes work, but only if you have caught the beginning of an infestation. For example, you caught a pair of worker ants in the perimeter of your property and used spray to kill them. But then, you forget about them because out of sight, out of mind.

In the world of pest control, “Prevention is better than cure.” It is easier – and cheaper in the long run – to prevent infestation rather than deal with the problem when you are confronted with it.

2. Ill-timed pest control

Each type of pest has their own season. During spring, many species of pests become more active and breed. By summer, these pests are having the time of their limited life cycles outside, foraging for food, looking for mates, etc.

And when winter comes, some pests die and go off to pest heaven. But there are others, like rodents, that will invade your home to seek shelter and warmth. Just like people, these pests like to be warm and cosy when it’s cold outside.

3. Broken pipes and faucets

Like other living things, pests need water to survive. They can get this from leaky pipes and faucets in the house. As if pests aren’t enough, moisture can also damage your house’s foundation and structure and create an entry point for pests.

If you’re seeing pests that shouldn’t be there, check for leaky pipes or faucets. In addition, eliminate stagnant water around your home, especially those in pet water bowls, flowerpots and other stuff that collect water. Repair leaks immediately to discourage pests.

4. Keeping your windows and doors open

It is always a good feeling to feel the breeze on your face. However, you must be aware of opportunists that may take advantage of your open doors and windows. These are easy paths for pests to use to infiltrate your home.

Make sure to close all your doors and windows when you are not using them. Or, if closed doors or windows make you feel boxed in, consider installing screens on your windows or a stopper on your doors. Check for any cracks or crevices outside your home and seal them.

5. Neglecting your garden

So, should you not keep a garden because of the threat of pests? Absolutely not! Having a garden adds value to your home and if designed well, it can be used as a space for entertaining and relaxation.

The thing is, it also attracts pests, especially those that feed on plants and those that will use it to hide and breed. And if the garden is too close to your home, pests can use this as a bridge to enter your home.

Go build a beautiful garden, but don’t forget that it needs constant care. Keep it well maintained and free of debris, so pests can’t have any place to hide. And consider installing a fence around it to keep out larger pests.

6. Using the wrong pesticides

There are so many commercially available pesticides that choosing which one to buy can be confusing. The chances are high that you could purchase the wrong one and make the infestation even worse. For example, if you choose the wrong product for ants, there is risk of splitting the colony and spreading the ants throughout your home, making ant treatment and control that much more challenging.

To prevent this, do your research first before purchasing a pesticide and before applying it. Better yet, consult a licensed pest control service to do the pesticide application for you.

7. Not choosing the right pest control company

The number of pests that threatens your home is probably proportional to the number of pest control companies out there. With so many of them competing for your business, you could end up hiring the wrong one who will take your money but not completely fix the problem.

How do you choose the right pest control service?

By doing your research. Make a shortlist of companies that satisfy your criteria. Choose them based on client testimonials that are often found on the company’s website. You can augment your list by getting recommendations from relatives and friends.

Interview the companies on your shortlist and don’t hesitate to ask questions. This is the only for you to determine whether what they are offering meets your situation.

Never hire a company because they offer the lowest price. You should have more requirements other than financial considerations if you want your pest infestation issue resolved successfully.

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