5 Diseases Cockroaches Can Cause

It’s extremely upsetting to come across a cockroach infestation in our own home. Infestations are caused when we become negligent of our own home’s cleanliness, including the storing of food. If left alone, cockroaches can cause multiple serious health issues. The following are diseases cockroaches can cause among your family:

1. Salmonellosis

Cockroaches gather salmonella bacteria in their bodies by eating contaminated food, The bacteria then stay in their bodies for a month, and come out when they defecate or vomit on your food. Critical symptoms salmonellosis cause 12 to 72 hours after infection are diarrhoea, fever, and vomiting. As long as there’s a steady supply of fluids, one can recuperate from this disease in 4-7 days.

2. Typhoid Fever

Another one of the diseases cockroaches (and salmonella bacteria) cause is typhoid fever, which is fairly common in places with poor sanitation. Symptoms of typhoid fever are constipation, diarrhoea, exhaustion, head and muscle aches, high temperature and stomach pain. With the right medical treatment, one can recover in 3-5 days. However, failure to do so can prompt further serious complications.

3. Cholera

An acute diarrhoeal infection, cholera is brought about by the Vibrio cholera bacterium which spread when cockroaches defecate or vomit these on food or surfaces that get in contact with food. Albeit 80% of infected individuals don’t encounter any symptoms, the bacteria will be present in their excrement for 1-10 days. For the 20% of the individuals that do develop symptoms, ⅘ of them will experience mild to moderate symptoms while the rest will experience acute water diarrhoea that leads to severe lack of hydration. There are 28,000-142,000 recorded deaths per year because of cholera.

4. Dysentery

Another one of the serious diseases cockroaches cause, this is a sort of gastroenteritis which causes diarrhoea with blood. One can get it from consuming food or drinks with entamoeba or shigella bacteria, and poor hand hygiene. Indications of this disease include diarrhoea with blood and mucus, high fever, nausea, painful stomach cramps, and vomiting. The symptoms appear to be harsh, but recovery within a week without medical treatment is possible.

5. Leprosy

Cockroaches carry bacillus mycobacterium leprae which cause leprosy. It may not be highly infectious, but failure to treat this could prompt permanent damage to the eyes, nerves and skin. The harm could be as serious as disfigurement and deformities. Since this disease incubates for a long time, it may take up to 20 years for the symptoms to show up. Once can be treated by this with multidrug treatment/MDT.

These are just a few, but serious, diseases cockroaches can bring to your own home. You and your family will most likely get infected if you’ll let these pests infest it. If you feel that you have a cockroach control problem, call Bob Gunn Termite Solutions right away. For enquiries or get in touch with us today or book online and get a discounted price for pest control service.

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