How to Check Your Home for Termites

It’s highly advisable to check your home for termites every now and then, especially if your home has wood that comes in contact with the ground or if it has areas that are difficult to inspect.

Looking for possible termite infestation can be scary and can get a little dirty, but don’t worry! It’s easy, and it will allow you to do a thorough inspection all by yourself. All you need to check your home for termites are expendable coveralls, gloves, an electric lamp and a screwdriver to probe wood. Here are the things that you need to look for:

Image of termites

1. Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites turn soil with a good amount of moisture into nests. They also create “mud tubes” to connect the nest to a wooden food source. Therefore, mud tubes are a good indicator that there’s a termite infestation in your home.

2. Harmed Wood

Wood that looks “crushed” at structural joints is considered to be termite damage. If you’ll tap the damaged wood with the screwdriver, you’ll hear a dull thud. It can further be investigated by probing the surface with the screwdriver to expose tunnels.

3. Heaps of Wings

Once “swarmers” further develop, they shed their wings. The wings are often left scattered near windows or other light sources.

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4. Buckling/Bubbling Paint or Brittle Drywall

When you check your home for termites, these are the areas that you’ll need to examine (Remember, termites are regularly found at or near ground level):

  1. Wooden parts of construction in basements and crawl spaces
  2. Window frames and sills (especially in the basement), subfloors, support piers, support posts, joists and wooden decks/porches
  3. Areas where concrete parts meet wood such slabs, steps or porches
  4. Cracks in bricks, cement or expansion joints where termites can slip through
  5. Wood debris and piles near the foundation including basement windows and door frames, fence posts and tree stumps

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