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More about roaches

There are just over 400 species of cockroach in Australia of the approximately 4000 that exist worldwide. Of these 400, in Queensland the native species are of little concern to householders.

However, three introduced species, the American cockroach, the German cockroach and the Australian cockroach are pests in the household and known carriers of disease. Despite its name, the Australian Cockroach is introduced, possibly from Asia.

All cockroaches have an oval and flattened body, and a thorax covered by a large plate which extends partly over the head. Both the American and the Australian cockroach are large, approx 40mm in length and reddish brown in colour. The American cockroach has indistinct brown markings on the thorax and no yellow edges on the fore wings while the Australian cockroach has a yellowish thorax with dark edges and yellowish edges at the base of the forewings. In contrast the German cockroach is much smaller at about 10mm in length, a pale colour with two dark bars running lengthways down the thorax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you turn on the lights, cockroaches don’t run because they fear the light; they fear you. You are a much larger predator, so they try to squeeze themselves in gaps and cracks in your home.

Not all roaches can fly. Only some species can fly, and the others merely use their wings for stability when they jump. Although it may look like they are flying, they are not. 

Cockroach infestation is usually hard to get rid of because roaches are able to conceal themselves in a wide range of areas. They also have high breeding potential since a female roach don’t always need a male to reproduce.

Cockroaches can reproduce quickly due to their rapid reproduction cycle and the female roaches can produce 200 to 300 offspring within a year.

The droppings, skin and saliva of cockroaches are known to trigger an allergic reaction in some people due to the particles that they release.  

A typical cockroach can live anywhere from a few months to a couple of years.

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