Black House Ant Australia (Ochetellus glaber)

Black Ants in a Nutshell

The common black house ant is small (2.5mm – 3mm) and attracted to sweet food. The worker ants enter homes usually under doors, or around windows and will leave long trails between their nest and the food they are collecting.

They are found in urban and rural areas of Australia and like to nest against paths, stonework, under logs and can also nest between walls and in roofs. If they are nesting in your home, you will most likely find a pile of black droppings on floors or window sills as the worker ants are tasked to take the mess (rubbish) from their nest and dump it somewhere in order to keep the nest clean.


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How to Get Rid of Black House Ants

The best thing you can do to prevent them is to starve them. Don’t leave food or drinks lying around for them–drops of water, crumbs, the works. Cleaning all spills and regularly taking out your rubbish will also keep these ants from finding your home a desirable habitat.

  • Keep kitchen benches clean and clear of food and crumbs
  • Store foods in airtight containers in the pantry or fridge
  • Sweep or vacuum any crumbs and spills off floors regularly
  • Keep areas dry, especially the kitchen and bathrooms

How To Eradicate a Colony

Because ants live together in colonies, and the eradication of the queen will destroy the colony, using their foraging instinct to take the contaminated matter back to the nest is an excellent control mechanism. Barrier treatments to keep the ants separated from the food source are also successful, and often a combination of the two will provide the perfect solution.

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