Bed Bug Bites & Flea Bites: Detection, Treatment, Prevention

A group of small dots on your skin can either be bites from bed bugs or fleas. One difference between flea bites and bed bug bites is that flea bites are most commonly found on lower parts of the body like elbows and knees. On the other hand, bed bug bites are usually around the neck, on the arms and face—the upper parts of the body.

Differentiating flea bites and bed bug bites can be challenging. That’s why we’ve provided you with their common symptoms and differences below.

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Bed Bug Bites

As previously mentioned, bed bugs usually bite on the upper half of the body, such as in hands, arms, neck and face. Their bites are small with a dark red spot in the centre of the skin’s raised area.

They often show up in a line or are clustered. Don’t scratch them as they get worse this way.

Bed bug bites may cause blisters, swelling and irritation of the skin. Other risk factors of bed bug bites are hives or rashes.

Bed Bug Bites Treatment
Bed bug bites usually disappear from 1-2 weeks. In case they don’t go away and cause hives or infections, seek medical attention immediately.
Whilst steroids have been considered effective in bed bugs bites treatments, antibiotics can be used if an infection occurs.

Bed Bug Bites Prevention
Prevent these pests in your home by cleaning your house and furniture on a regular basis, especially beds. You can also treat your indoors by hiring the services of a reputable pest control company—just like Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.


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Flea Bites

If you are a pet owner, watch out for fleas as these nuisances often live on animals. Common symptoms of flea bites include red marks and intense itching. These marks on the skin will appear on skin folds such as ankles, elbows and knees, waist, armpits. They will also show up on feet or lower legs.

If you’re allergic to hives, then you’re likely to develop hives or rashes on your skin. Flea bites can also often cause blisters and swelling. Severe cases of the former can result in infection.

Avoid scratching the affected areas in case you’re bitten by fleas. These pests usually die after two weeks, but leave the skin in a problematic condition.

Flea Bites Treatment
Washing flea bites with soap and water helps. To provide relief, use an itch cream on the skin. Bathing in hot water can trigger itching so it’s best to avoid this.

Flea Bites Prevention
To prevent fleas, always keep your floors and carpets clean and wiped. Regularly bathing your furry family members and getting them checked for fleas are also essential.

Bed Bug and Flea Eradication
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