Why DIY Termite Solution Can be Harmful 

Termite infestations cannot be easily identified because termites silently and efficiently destroy your house without your knowledge. An infestation will only become obvious when damage to your house has become noticeable.

Treating termite infestations will be complicated and will cost you money. This is one of the main reasons why so many go the do-it-yourself route. When it comes to termites, you have to think twice about doing it on your own. Here is why.

Why DIY solutions Won’t Work

There are a few do-it-yourself methods to get rid of termites. The question is, are they effective? Here are some of the popular methods:

Home damaged by termites

Termite bait monitoring stations and insecticides

The insecticide is directly applied to wooden surfaces and placed in bait monitoring stations or introduced into building materials. The idea is for the termites to be exposed to the insecticide, return to their colony and share the poison with the other termites. The problem is that termites are not attracted to the bait stations and just happen to discover them.


This method can actually be effective. However, the air must be heated to a temperature between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 35 minutes. This is quite hard to achieve without the aid of a professional.

Orange Oil. This is said to work against drywood termites and their eggs. Because it is only a spot treatment, it only targets drywood termites, not subterranean termites. Orange can damage furniture and wood structures. It can also be inefficient as it only kills 77% of termites.

Cardboard traps

The corrugated is moistened to attract termites. When termites begin to feed on the cellulose, the cardboard is removed and burned. This method doesn’t guarantee that all termites will be trapped by the cardboard. Because it only takes a couple of termites to restart a colony, if there are termites that remain alive after the treatment.


Exposing termite-infested furniture to the sun to kill termites might work only if a certain level of heat is achieved and maintained.

Beneficial nematodes

These are tiny parasites that love to eat insects like termites. The problems with this treatment is first, the nematodes will die if they are exposed to too much sunlight or becomes too dry. Second, it is a guarantee that nematodes will eliminate all termites.

Boric Acid

This substance will interfere with termite digestion when ingested. This digestive interference can cause termites to die. However, it is impossible to apply the boric acid on all places where termites will reach it. Additionally, if the wood is too dry, it will not absorb the boric acid, and therefore, not effective against termites.

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Health Risk of DIY Termite Control

DIY solutions have been proven to be effective, but probably not for termite infestations. Using chemicals or sprays that can be bought from the local hardware store comes with certain disadvantages and risks.

Some of the commercially available termicides are made of chemicals that may be harmful to humans, especially if not applied according to the manufacturer’s manual. Natural remedies are not safe either. Do your research on how to safely and effectively a natural solution on its own or in combination with other solutions.

Therefore, it is important to leave the task of treating termite infestations to professionals who have the qualifications and experience to properly use termite solutions so that it won’t affect your health and your family’s.

Effectivity Risk of DIY Termite Control

Another important thing to remember is that a general-purpose insect spray or insecticide may not be affective against a specific type of pest. There are multi-insect sprays available out there, but they may not work against termites, for example. Instead of being eradicated, the termites are just out of sight, waiting when it’s safe again to wreak havoc on safety and security of your family and your property.

Spraying a can of pesticide

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Financial Risk of DIY Termite Control

Time and money savings are the reasons why many people choose to use DIY methods to kill termites. However, termite control requires precision, not trial and error.

You might not have enough knowledge and experience to identify the root cause of termite infestation, much less know the appropriate method to eradicate them effectively. and DIY methods are less precise, which could drive existing termites to target the other parts of your house, draw out the infestation, resulting in more damages and more expensive repairs.

Why You Should Hire Professionals

There are three things that are essential for a successful termite treatment:

  • The installation of a complete chemical barrier around your house
  • The application of safe and effective direct chemical treatment
  • Routine monitoring and maintenance

These things will not be done completely and properly by DIY methods.

Hiring experts may cost you a substantial sum, but it guarantees sure-fire results. They use methods that have been proven effective and long-lasting than DIY methods. Professional termite control will keep the termites away for a long time, of course, depending on the post-treatment maintenance you choose.

It will be less time-consuming for you because all the work will be done by experts while you comfortably wait as the project is being done for you.

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