What to Do During a Home Inspection

After finding a potential home and hiring a trustworthy home inspector, the next step would be, of course, the inspection itself. As a home buyer, you’d think you can sit back and relax as the inspector does his job. Wrong.

You also have a role in this vital step that will greatly affect your decision to purchase the property. Read on and discover what you should do during a home inspection.

Be There if You Can

Do what you can to be there when the inspection is being conducted. You can discuss the outcome of the property with the inspector while on-site once he has finished the inspection so you can learn more about your home-to-be. If you can’t be there for the inspection, you should meet with the inspector to discuss the report comprehensively.


Don’t hesitate to ask about potential problems or how to maintain parts of the home. However, try not to get in the way of the inspector. Don’t begin to inspect the house yourself, either; you might alter the findings.

Think Ahead

Another important thing to remember is that “an inspection is only a snapshot in time on the day of the inspection”. This means that if you’re buying a property in the middle of autumn, think of how the house might perform in various conditions, like summer or winter.

After the Inspection

Once an evaluation is completed, the inspector will give you a report on his findings. If there are a lot of deficiencies noted, do not panic. Home inspection reports are detailed, so they can often indicate 50-100 issues, most of which are small.

The great thing about inspections is that it will help you make informed decisions on whether to back out of a realty deal or not. You also have the option to try to negotiate with the seller to have him or her make the repairs or lower the price if there are more issues you’re not comfortable with.

We’re more than glad to tell you more about the other many benefits of home inspections as well as building and pest inspections.

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