Watch Out for These Pests When Winter Arrives 

What pests are common during winter? Does the season really affect pest activities? In this article, we will discuss the most active pests during winter and how we can protect our homes from them during this time.

Pests are present all-year round, but some are more active than others when the weather turns cold. Quite frankly, there is “no rest for the weary,” especially in a country like ours where the climate and natural environment are just about perfect for any type of pests to thrive.

With the start of winter, some pests will begin their migration to warm places, others will go into hibernation. And there are those that will be drawn in to our homes as they gear up for the cold months with a warm shelter and loads and load of food and water.

What are the pests that you should expect to see during winter?

Common Pests During Winter

Rats and mice. Being warm blooded, rats and mice are fine staying outside during the warmer months. But they will still try to get indoors when the weather starts getting cold. They reproduce during summer, so

Cockroaches. Roaches are most active during summer, but it doesn’t mean they’re nowhere to found during winter. They don’t pick a season to infest homes. As long as there are food sources available, they will try to enter uninvited into your home.

Termites. These wood-eating bugs are active throughout the year and prefer warmer weather. During winter, you might see more termite activity as they dig underground or invade homes to seek warmth.

Ants. During colder months, ants will often be seen under wood piles, beneath boxes, inside cabinets and other places where their eggs can be laid and nurtured into nymphs and where there is sufficient and easily accessible food and water source.

Spiders. It’s instinct for spiders to head indoors or to where it’s warm when the temperature starts to drop. Spiders are fine among leaves and in burrows when it’s summer, but the warmth of your home is more appealing during winter.

Bed bugs. These pests are almost always carried inside from the outside, inconspicuously clinging on shopping bags, purses, clothes, etc. They like to keep warm, so during winter they will seek warmth indoors.

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How Does Weather Affects Pest Activity?

Weather does influence the behaviour of pests. By understanding the relationship between pest activity and weather, you can prevent pest infestation.

Cold-blooded pests cannot generate their own body heat. With the arrival of winter, these pests will move to areas that are warmer. This is why there is noticeably fewer insects during winter than during summer.

However, this doesn’t mean that pests aren’t out there. Many types of pests go into hibernation, burrow underground or take up temporary residence in homes to escape the cold.

Summers mean babies for some pests. If they enter your home during winter, expect an infestation when the temperature starts to go up.

How Do Your Protect Your Home Against Pests During Winter?

Australia’s winters can be challenging, but Aussies have pretty much adapted. The real challenge during winters, especially for homeowners, is pests. As the temperature drops, pests like spiders and rodents are seeking warmth. This is the reason homes and buildings are more vulnerable to pest invasion as winter approaches.

There are precautions you can implement to prevent your home from being a winter sanctuary by pests.

Don’t neglect your garden.

Keep your garden neat and tidy even during winter, when it tends to be neglected because it is not used as much. This will ensure that your garden is not attracting pests because there are no fallen or broken branches where they can hide. Dead wood also attracts termites into your garden and ultimately into your home, so get rid of the all debris in your garden.

Utilise all rooms.

During winters, there are some rooms in your home that are left empty and unused. Make sure that all rooms are utilized all-year round to ensure that no pest decides to take up residence there. Check your drawers, cupboards and dark nooks at least once a week just to make sure those places have no resident bugs.

Keep your home clean.

A house that is messy and untidy attracts pests. Eliminating all clutter in your house is an effective way to keep pests away. Focus on areas that offer an easy access for bugs, such as garages, entranceways and porches.

Check all doors and windows.

Doors and windows are also entry points for pests. These things may not close properly or they have tiny holes or gaps where insects can enter. Check your doors or windows for cracks or holes and seal them right away. Weatherstripping is an effective method to block entry points as well as a great insulation to control temperature indoors.

fixing the window

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Why is Pest Control Important During Winter?

Winter is not pest free; no season is. Yes, there won’t be flying insects like flies and mosquitoes. But other bugs like spiders, termites and rodents may be underfoot, seeking shelter and warmth in your home.

There are several bugs that dial back their energy during winter, so after making a home in your home to wait out the winter, they return to wreak havoc in spring. Attics, basements and crawlspaces, places that are preferred by spiders, rodents, etc. should be checked and monitored.

Not having pest control during the colder months in an effort to some money gives pests an advantage for the spring and could ultimately cost you more money in the form of repairs in the long run. But by not allowing spider webs, egg cases and nests to take up residence, you are preventing an infestation from happening when the weather starts to warm up.

Pest Control is an All-Season Priority

Regardless of the season, pest control should not be overlooked. However, it is winter that you must be more vigilant because this is the time when pests will attempt to enter your home and potentially cause damage – both health and economic.

Don’t be fooled by fewer pest sightings during winter. Pest control is never irrelevant. Call your local residential pest control company not only for pest removal, but also for pest-proofing your home before the start of winter.

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