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Wasp Control Services in Queensland

The team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions are trained, experienced and licensed to advise on the best method for dealing with wasps, and will offer a solution that suits each individual circumstance.

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More about wasps

Wasps, along with bees and ants, belong to one of the largest insect groups, the Order Hymenoptera. In Australia there are over 12,000 species.

No other group of insects is as essential to human survival. Most wasps are predators or parasites of other insects and keep their numbers under control.

Most wasps have two transparent wings with a few veins and forewings that are larger than the hind wings. They have a waist in the middle of their body. Larvae have no legs and look like maggots. Some wasps have wingless females that resemble ants, but their antennae is not elbowed like ants.

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