The Most Active Pests During Autumn in Australia

What pests do you need to keep an eye on this autumn season? What is the effect of the season on the activity of the pests? And what can you do to prevent pests this season? In this article, we will be discussing the effect of the season on pest activities and how to prevent these pests from invading your homes.

A lot of people believe that pests are active throughout the year. This is true, but some pests are more active than others during certain seasons. Like humans, pests prepare for the colder months. They go out in search of dark, warm places like the gaps and cracks in the walls where they can shelter. 

In this article, we will discuss which pests are active during autumn and how to nip their activity in the bud to prevent a pest invasion of your precious home. 

Keep an Eye on These Pests During Autumn

It is important to know how weather affects pests to anticipate their movement and help you prepare for potential pest attacks. Here are the pests to watch out for as autumn approaches: 

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Some sub-species of subterranean termites prefer cool weather. Because they require moisture to survive, they love cold and moist environments.

Termites feed on timber and can destroy your home’s foundations and internal timber walls. Though they are called silent destroyers, there are signs that will make you suspect that termites are in your home.

The shelter tubes they build to shield them from predators and that they use to travel from their nest to their food source can be subterranean. However, these mudtubes can also be found on basement walls or on interior walls.

Termites are a big problem in Australia. As they are very good at hiding their activities from humans, they often go undetected until significant damage has been done to a property. To avoid expensive repairs, have a termite barrier installed around your house and have a termite inspection done on it at least once a year.


Being highly adaptable, cockroaches can survive in any type of environment. During autumn, you may see cockroaches searching for a way to enter homes for warmth and shelter.

Cockroaches are prevalent in Australia. They are usually only active at night that they can go unnoticed by humans. During the colder months, cockroaches breed, which can become a serious infestation really quickly.

These pests will usually be hiding under the kitchen sink, near garbage disposal bins, and the back of cupboards. You can use commercial insect sprays, but it will only kill the cockroaches that you see.

Image of a rat


Like humans, rodents like warmth and comfort during winter. To find these things, they will attempt to find buildings. Their nests are often located in ceiling voids, wall cavities and other warm, dry areas in your home.

Sometimes, you can tell right away if you’re rooming with mice or rats. Or, sometimes you can hear their scurrying at night during sleeping time. And there are occasions when you only notice rodents in your home when they have already caused significant damage.

Other Autumn Pests

There are many other pests that wreak havoc even during the autumn and winters. These include rabbits, possums and pigeons. Like other insects, these pests also try to find a way inside buildings in search of warmth and shelter.

If you live in an area where these pests are prevalent, be extra vigilant and use preventive measures to protect your property.

The Effect of the Seasons on Pest Activity

The cool temperature is no obstacle for pests. In fact, they become more aggressive as the weather starts to turn cool. If you think you’re getting a respite from pests during autumn and winter, think again.

Pests prepare for the coming winter by seeking a warm, safe place. As a result, you may see an unexpected influx of pests such as spiders, cockroaches, rats and mice, and more.

Autumn Pest Prevention Tips

Small pests generally stay hidden in the cracks and crevices of your home. Larger pests, however, may be looking for bigger access points. So, it is important to make sure there are no holes or gaps in your home’s foundation, garage, floors, siding and attic.

You should also check your roof as strong winds may break the shingles or sidings, creating openings that can be used by pests to gain access indoors.


Cockroaches are known for carrying deadly pathogens that can be transmitted to humans. One cockroach could multiply quickly because a single cockroach produces one egg sack that can hold as many as 40 baby cockroaches.

To keep cockroaches away:

Don’t let leftovers lying around in the open. Cockroaches have a taste for human and pet food, wallpapers, books and electronics.

Eliminate moist areas, which cockroaches love. This includes checking your property for leaks and repairing them right away.

Keep food in tight containers to prevent cockroaches from contaminating them.

Make sure to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, especially around the kitchen and dining areas.

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Their small size, allows rodents to climb and fit through the smallest holes to gain entry indoors. If left untreated, rodents can spread diseases. Apart from health risks, rodents can also cause major structural damage to properties due to their gnawing and nesting habits.

To repel rodents:

Keep your food in tight containers

Check your home for possible entry points and seal those cracks and holes.

Install screens on exterior doors and windows for added barrier.

Tie rubbish bags properly and keep them in a place that is out of reach by scavengers.


In Australia where termites are a big problem, having a termite installed around your home is the best way to protect it. As an added preventive measure, have your home inspected for termites at least every year.

To prevent termite infestation, make sure to seal the cracks and walls in your walls that they can use to gain access to the timber parts of your home. If you’re using firewood or have extreme timber products, store them away from your house.

If you suspect or have confirmed that an infestation has already occurred, a qualified termite exterminator is the best way to treat and control the problem.

Pests are present all-year round. But some are more active than usual as autumn approaches. When the colder weather sets it, it is time to prepare your home against destructive pests.

The best prevention strategy you can follow is not waiting until it’s too late. If an infestation has occurred, immediately arrange for pest control services. Have your home undergo regular inspections to stop a minor infestation from turning into a major and expensive problem.

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