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Pest Control in Battery Hill

Battery Hill is a suburb of Caloundra in the Sunshine Coast Region, located 4 km north of Caloundra.

As of the 2016 Census, the suburb had 2,536 residents.

It lies on a hill in the south-east of locality at 28 metres above sea level.

Its name is derived from the artillery practice base during the period of war. Today, it is a coastal suburb that is peaceful and much sought after. Battery Hill offers beaches, stores, schools, health services and public transportation.

Though it doesn’t have any direct beachfront property, Battery Hill offers a traditional seaside village lifestyle while still close to modern amenities and conveniences.

Houses mostly consist of detached homes, with some post-war and chamferboard properties. There are also contemporary brick and tile houses as well as units and townhouses.

Potential Risks for Pest Infestation

Below are some of the pests the pose a challenge to property ownership in Battery Hill.

Cockroach Control in Battery Hill

Out of the roughly 4000 species of cockroaches known to man, about 450 species are found in Australia. Luckily, only a few are considered as pests. The three main cockroaches that are pests in Australia are the German Cockroach, Australian Cockroach and American Cockroach.

It is important to know what type of cockroach you’re dealing with so you can create a more effective treatment to get rid of them. Only professional pest control technicians can handle the complexity of dealing with cockroach infestations, so call them for help.

Silverfish Control

Another common pest in Australia, silverfish are hardy, allowing them to survive most types of climates and environments. They thrive in dark and damp areas such as attics, basements, kitchens, wardrobes, closets and bathrooms. They feed on damp paper and clothing – anything with carbohydrates in them.

People can innocently transport silverfish to their homes thru cardboard boxes, clothing, etc. that has been moved from a recently infested property. Silverfish can also enter premises through cracks, windows, doors and other unseen openings.

Silverfish don’t pose health risks to humans, but their destructive eating habits can cause significant damage to your personal belongings. These pests multiply fast, so best not to ignore the first signs of infestation.

Ant Control in Battery Hill

Ants live in nests that are generally located around and underneath wood, gardens, soil, built-up garbage and anywhere where they can dig and burrow. These insects spend most of their days foraging for food, taking care of their larvae and defending the nest.

The common types of ants that can be found in Queensland are: Argentine Ant, Bulldog Ant, Black House Ant, Coastal Brown Ant, Black Garden Ant, and Odorous House Ant/Sugar Ant. The best method to get rid of your home or business of ants is to hire the right pest control professional in Battery Hill.


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Spider Control

There are thousands of species of spiders. Most of them give a harmless bite and some don’t bite at all. However, there are dangerous species, which includes the Redback Spider, Funnel-web spider, House Spider, Trap Door Spider, White-tailed Spider, and more.

Most spiders are harmless, but their bite can deliver a mild discomfort. Common non-venomous spiders include the Huntsman spider, house spider, Daddy Long Legs, and more. These types only attack when they feel threatened. They would normally crawl away towards safety to avoid humans.

Spider infestation shouldn’t be ignored, even the harmless types, because their webs make your home or office look untidy and dirty. The venomous spiders should be avoided because they can be fatal if not the bite is not given immediate medical attention.

Rodent Control in Battery Hill

There are various species of rodents in South East Queensland, with most of them protected by law. The only species of rodents that are not protected are the House Mouse, Sewer Rat and Ship Rat. Rodents like rats and mice are common throughout Australia, not only in the cities but also in rural areas such as farms, food storage area, etc.

The main issue with rodents is disease. They are known to cause various diseases like the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which can be fatal. Rodents are not easy to eliminate and they contaminate food and surfaces with their saliva, waste and fur. Rats and mice also attract other pests such as tick and fleas, which in turn can also cause diseases such as meningitis. They can also cause migraines, headaches, and other maladies.

It is recommended not to handle wild rodents as they can bite and transmit diseases through their saliva. It is best to hire professionals to handle rodent infestation.

Wasp Control

Wasps feed on various materials and other wasps. Like ants and termites, they live in nests, which can be found underground, hollow trees, cracks and crevices in buildings, trees, etc. Wasps most of their day gathering food and nesting materials.

Wasps are beneficial to the environment, but these pests sting when they feel threatened. Like mosquitoes, only the females can sting. Their sting can be dangerous, even fatal, as patients can cause severe allergic reactions.

If you find a wasp location within or near your property, hire a professional pest control company to make sure the wasp nest removal is done safely.

Termite Control in Battery Hill

Termites are silent destroyers as they feed on timbers in your home without your knowledge. This is because they are subterranean insects that live and travel underground.

These wood-eating pests are prevalent in Queensland, with 1 in three properties likely to be attacked annually. Termites are aggressive feeders and multiply fast, which makes it essential to not ignore them.

In suburbs like Battery Hill, regular termite inspections and termite barriers are important. These can only be done successfully by licensed pest control specialists.

If you are building a new home, renovating or buying a home in Battery Hill, you will need to consider what termite prevention solutions are available. Our company offers all types of solutions including physical and chemical barriers as well as reticulation systems. You can reach us on


Battery Hill Termite Hazard Level

High – Very High Risk

Termite Hazard Level Gauge image

According to the Interim Termite Hazard Map by CSIRO, the Sunshine Coast area, where Battery Hill is located, is in the high-risk category for termite infestation.

Because Battery Hill is close to the sea, the area is a good target by drywood termites, which need high moisture content in the timber they attack.

Termite Images Suburb

Termite Image from CSIRO

Throughout Queensland, the most commonly found termites are Subterranean termites and Drywood termites.

The West Indian drywood termite, is the world’s most destructive drywood termite. It is the culprit to massive economic damage to timber houses in Queensland, including properties in Battery Hill.

  • A coastal environment like Wynnum is prone to termite and vermin attacks.

  • The number one thing that attracts termites is water or moisture. It is almost a guarantee that if a home has water leakage problems, it will soon be invaded by termites, if it hasn’t been already.

  • Damage to homes, whether made from weatherboard, is likely if termites, or white ants, are left unchecked. 


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