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You shouldn’t have to share space with spiders

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Spiders are difficult to eradicate completely. The team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions are trained, experienced and licenced to advise on the best methods, and will offer a solution that suits each individual circumstance.

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More about spiders

There are thousands of different types of spiders in Queensland and while they all are different from each other depending on their environment, food source and other factors, they all have some characteristics in common.

What you will find in Queensland

There are two distinct groups of spiders – primitive spiders and modern spiders. Primitive spiders as the name suggests are the least evolved and have remained unchanged for millions of years.

In Queensland they include the trapdoor and funnel web spiders. The common spiders we encounter in our daily lives are the moderns. Of the dozens of different types inhabiting south-east Queensland, the most frequently seen include the wolf spider, red back spider, white-tailed spider, huntsman, black house spider and daddy-long-legs.

Black House Spider – black or very dark, hairy indistinct pattern on body and legs.

Daddy-long-legs – introduced from Europe, now widespread – dark colour, small, pea-sized body, very long, fine legs.

Huntsman Spider – brown variety has black X on head, black chevrons on body, black V under abdomen; grey variety is very large with leg span of 230mm, brown stripe down centre of abdomen.

Red Back Spider – Females are black with are strip down the back; males black with white strip – no red. Legs are thin, pin-like in both male and female – adults can span 50c coin.

White-tailed Spider – Slender grey spider with small white tip at end of body; juveniles have diagonal bars on side of body

Wolf Spider – Large eyes on top and front of head which is patterned, black, bell-shaped mark on body, completely black underneath – leg span up to 7cm.

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