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Rodents are carriers of serious diseases

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More about rodents

Within the Greater Brisbane area there are seven species of native rodents and three introduced species. The House Mouse, Sewer Rat and Ship Rat have been introduced into Australia over time, principally in ships’ cargo. It is thought that all three originated in China or South East Asia.

The native rodents are protected but because they look similar to the introduced species, positive identification from a distance can be difficult.

All three introduced rodents have a pair of long, yellow incisors at the tip of the mouth on both upper and lower jaw. This is the only way to distinguish them from the protected native rodents. The House Mouse is usually olive-brown with a strong, musky scent. The Ship Rat can vary in colour from black through to white but is generally steel-grey with a white underbelly and quite a long tail. The Sewer Rate has shaggy fur and is coloured similar to the Ship Rat although generally is brown on the back with a dirty white underbelly and a short, thick tail.

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