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Termite Home Inspections in Bellthorpe

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Pest Control in Bellthorpe

Bellthorpe is a rural suburb in the Moreton Bay Region.

A significant part of the suburb is protected within the Bellthorpe National Park.

In 2016, it had 124 residents.

The Bellthorpe National Park is situated west of the Glass House Mountains, at the southern end of the Conondale Range, about 85 km north-west of Brisbane. It features open eucalyptus forest, rainforest and cascades along Stony Creek. During summer, the roads within the park are ideal for four-wheel-driving experiences.

Potential Risks for Pest Infestation

Bellthorpe has few residents compared to other suburbs in the Moreton Bay Region, but they still face the threat of pest infestation due to their location, the proximity of a national park full of trees.

Termite Control in Bellthorpe

Termite is a serious concern in Bellthorpe because it is within Bellthorpe National Park. The forestry and gumtree indexes in the area are high as well as the paperbark index.

These woof-eating pests will devour any materials that contain cellulose, such as paper and cardboard. They are often mistaken for ants, but in truth, they are closely related to cockroaches, any menace to property owners everywhere.

Because they feed 24 hours a day throughout the year, termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. They cause greater damage than floods, fires and storms combined. Insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, so homeowners and property owners are advised to do regular termite inspections and make sure their termite barrier is up to date.

Spider Control

The spiders commonly found in Australia are the Garden Orb Spider, Funnel-Web Spider, Redback Spider, White-tail Spider and Huntsman Spider.

Spiders spread fear among households. Though only a few of them are considered dangerous, you don’t need to handle your spider infestation yourself. Call spider control experts for professional assistance. There is no need to eliminate spiders. They are an essential part of the ecosystem. In gardens, they feed on bugs such as moths, flies and caterpillars. While you’re afraid of spiders, they are more likely to be wary and steer clear of you.

Silverfish Control in Bellthorpe

These silvery insects found all over Australia is known for their destructive feeding habits. They feed on personal belongings made of starch or cellulose, such as photographs, books, paintings, stored foodstuffs and carpets. They prefer damp, dark areas such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens and even wardrobes.

They multiply fast and can easily hide in cracks and crevices, which makes them difficult to control. Silverfish love warm and humid environments. They don’t spread diseases, but they destroy property. This is the reason why silverfish infestation must be addressed immediately.


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Rodent Control in Bellthorpe

Rodents are omnivores, which means they can eat all kinds of foods and products. Their incisors are constantly growing, which compels them to gnaw on everything to control their growth. They will chew on insulation, insulation, clothing, furniture, and more. Rodents also spread bacteria and germs that cause severe diseases.

The main pest rodents in Australia are the House Mouse, Roof Rat and Norway Rat. They reproduce fast and can become a serious infestation in a short period of time and a severe problem for households and businesses.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are ancient insects and are practically indestructible. They can survive for one week without their head and survive for roughly 40 minutes underwater.

Australia is home to about 550 species of cockroaches, but only 5 are known as household pests. These cold-blooded pests are active in summer and prefer warm, humid environments like kitchens, roof cavities, and bathrooms.

Because of the environment where they live and breed, they can pick up pathogens that can cause diseases when passed on to humans. The best way to eliminate a severe cockroach infestation is to hire professional pest control technicians. They analyse the problem and come up with a treatment plan.

Ant Control in Bellthorpe

Ants look unpleasant and can destroy structures. They can contaminate food products. Though they don’t spread diseases, they can traffic pathogens and other filthy substances. Another thing about ants is that they bite. Some species even deliver painful bites that can trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Since they are cold-blooded, ants prefer warm environments. Their numbers tend to increase as the weather turns warmer. During winter, they look for warmth in structures such as residential properties. You will not see signs of an ant infestation until you see them. They are small and hide in gaps until to have to come out to forage for food.

If you are building a new home, renovating or buying a home in Bellthorpe, you will need to consider what termite prevention solutions are available. Our company offers all types of solutions including physical and chemical barriers as well as reticulation systems. You can reach us on


Bellthorpe Termite Hazard Level

High – Very High Risk

Termite Hazard Level Gauge image

According to the Interim Termite Hazard Map by CSIRO, the Moreton Bay area, where Bellthorpe is located, is in the high-risk category for termite infestation.

Because Bellthorpe is close to the sea, the area is a good target by drywood termites, which need high moisture content in the timber they attack.

Termite Images Suburb

Termite Image from CSIRO

Throughout Queensland, the most commonly found termites are Subterranean termites and Drywood termites.

The West Indian drywood termite, is the world’s most destructive drywood termite. It is the culprit to massive economic damage to timber houses in Queensland, including properties in Bellthorpe.

  • A coastal environment like Wynnum is prone to termite and vermin attacks.

  • The number one thing that attracts termites is water or moisture. It is almost a guarantee that if a home has water leakage problems, it will soon be invaded by termites, if it hasn’t been already.

  • Damage to homes, whether made from weatherboard, is likely if termites, or white ants, are left unchecked. 


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