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Pest Control in Beachmere

Beachmere is a coastal suburb in the Moreton Bay Region between Deception Bay and Sandstone Point.

Located north of Brisbane, it is a quiet getaway destination for bayside nature escapade.

It has 4,112 residents. The town’s demographics

Having escaped overdevelopment, it remains a quiet getaway destination for bayside nature escape. It also offers plenty of excellent fishing locations, which is a draw for avid fishermen.

Beachmere, one of the oldest suburbs in Moreton Bay, has so much to offer with its stunning natural foreshore, parks, shops and cafes.

Potential Risks for Pest Infestation

With not much development, there is not much housing in Beachmere. Most of the area is space, bushlands and waterways. While this great for people who love nature, this type of environment is a haven for different types of pests such as mice, rats, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, termites, etc.

If you see signs of pest infestation in your Beachmere home, give your local pest control specialist a call immediately.

Termite Control in Beachmere

Termites should be avoided at all cost because of the potentially expensive damage they can cause. They are often mistaken for ants because they look somewhat similar. Their main difference is that termites don’t like sunlight.

They prefer to stay underground, out of direct sunlight, which is part of the reason why it takes a while to realise they are present in your home. They feed on wood, specifically the cellulose fibres found in organic matter such as wood, paper and some species of plants.

Even if they’re rarely seen, termites leave signs of their presence, such as timber parts of the home that sound hollow when tapped, presence of mud tunnels that they use to travel, etc.

If you see these signs, it’s time to call for professional assistance from licensed pest control technicians.

Cockroach Control in Beachmere

People’s reaction upon seeing a cockroach ranges from frustration to terror, but the desire to keep them away is universal. You have cockroaches because your house is dirty is not always the case.

There are many ways cockroaches can gain access to a home. If they aren’t already inside, they could have come inside through open doors or windows. Because of their flat bodies, cockroaches can squeeze through cracks, crevices, pipes and drains. They can also be carried inside via furniture, boxes or shopping bags.

Cockroaches carry pathogens that cause various illnesses including food poisoning, asthma or allergies. These pests are resilient, making them hard to eliminate. If you have a cockroach problem, allow qualified pest control technicians to handle it.

Ant Control

There are about 1400 species of ants in Australia. These are amazing, social creatures that are great in their natural environment. They become a problem once they infest a residential or commercial property.

The small mounds that are created by their excavations may be look unsightly along garden paths, skirting boards, or balconies. Ants can also contaminate the food in your kitchen or pantry that are not properly sealed.

Queensland has been found to house the highest number of native species of ants in the world. The ants that are commonly encountered in South East Queensland are Black House Ant and Coastal Brown Ant.

Black House Ants are often found in kitchens, garbage and dog poop. Coastal Brown Ants nest in soil and will excavate along gardens, pathways and walls.


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Spider Control in Beachmere

Spiders have a bad rep because many people are actually genuinely scared of them. In South East Queensland, there are venomous spiders but most are the harmless varieties. In warmer weather, spiders are more plentiful.

Some of the spiders in South East Queensland are Redback Spiders, Huntsman Spiders, Daddy Long Legs, and Golden Orb.

Different species exhibit different habits and behaviours. This makes spider control and treatment a complex job. If you’re dealing with spiders, best to call experienced pest control professionals to handle them.

Rodent Control in Beachmere

Rats and mice are another common pest in residential and commercial properties. They are practically everywhere, thanks to their agility and reproductive habits. If they aren’t squeezing their way through gaps from the outside, rats and mice can gain access through plumbing pipes.

There are three types of rodents that are common in Australia: Norway Rat, Roof Rat and House Mouse. Like all animals, rodents need food, water and shelter. However, they can survive with little food and they can eat just about anything.

Rats and mice are carriers of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. For this reason, rodent infestations in the home or place of business shouldn’t be ignored.

Wasp Control

Wasps have an important role in nature, mainly that of getting rid of insects that infest crops. However, they are not safe to be around because they can be aggressive and can cause damage to animals and humans.

Unlike bees, they can sting multiple times. This can be dangerous because one sting can cause allergic reactions in some people. The best wasp control is prevention. Dispose of leftover pet or bird food, cover trash cans and remove open water resources.

If you find a wasp nest in the vicinity of your property, don’t deal with it yourself. Call a licensed pest control technician to remove and treat wasp infestation.

Mosquito Control

In an almost idyllic suburb like Beachmere, mosquitoes can still be a problem. They can be unpleasant and a threat to outdoor activities.

Mosquitoes shouldn’t be ignored because these blood-sucking insects cause serious diseases like dengue fever and malaria. In fact, mosquito is known as a mass killer, having been responsible for millions of deaths for centuries.

For effective mosquito control and treatment, let only highly trained pest technicians do the job.

If you are building a new home, renovating or buying a home in Beachmere, you will need to consider what termite prevention solutions are available. Our company offers all types of solutions including physical and chemical barriers as well as reticulation systems. You can reach us on


Beachmere Termite Hazard Level

High – Very High Risk

Termite Hazard Level Gauge image

According to the Interim Termite Hazard Map by CSIRO, the Moreton Bay area, where Beachmere is located, is in the high-risk category for termite infestation.

Because Beachmere is close to the sea, the area is a good target by drywood termites, which need high moisture content in the timber they attack.

Termite Images Suburb

Termite Image from CSIRO

Throughout Queensland, the most commonly found termites are Subterranean termites and Drywood termites.

The West Indian drywood termite, is the world’s most destructive drywood termite. It is the culprit to massive economic damage to timber houses in Queensland, including properties in Beachmere.

  • A coastal environment like Wynnum is prone to termite and vermin attacks.

  • The number one thing that attracts termites is water or moisture. It is almost a guarantee that if a home has water leakage problems, it will soon be invaded by termites, if it hasn’t been already.

  • Damage to homes, whether made from weatherboard, is likely if termites, or white ants, are left unchecked. 


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