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Beware of these little blood suckers!

Skilled Mosquito Control Solutions in Brisbane

Our fully accredited and trained technicians will assess and treat your premises to get rid of mosquitoes effectively.

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More about mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are annoying, blood-sucking insects. Of the many species, a few common species transmit disease such as Dengue Fever, Ross River Virus and Australian Encephalitis.

Mosquitoes are attracted to varying factors such as moisture, warmth and carbon dioxide. Generally they stay close to their breeding ground and can cause major disruption to outdoor activities.

How we can help

The treatment will not eradicate every mosquito. What it will do is drastically reduce the presence of mosquitoes by approximately 95% and make it more pleasurable to be outdoors and also reduce the potential risk of contracting an airborne virus.

To book your next mosquito treatment, call us today on  07 3286 9877.

  • The service is unique to Bob Gunn Termites Solutions, as all service has been designed to deliver the highest-level customer satisfaction and best pest management outcome.
  • The application of the product will be discussed with the client to ensure the best pest management outcome.
  • The areas to be serviced will include exterior walls, vegetation, under eaves and gutters, fence lines, in and around sheds.
  • The treatment is not disruptive to the household as it is only carried out to external areas. All windows and doors are to be kept closed during the treatment and should be opened once the product has dried.
  • The service works by leaving a non-repellent residual barrier in areas that mosquitoes tend to rest during the day and evenings.
  • A full accredited technician will carry out this service for you and make any recommendations on how to avoid making your home attractive to mosquitoes or provide potential breeding sites.
  • The areas where mosquitoes harbour and rest will be treated with a nozzle or motorized sprayer that will deliver the product in a droplet size that will provide a non-repellent, water proof residual barrier.

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