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Flea Control Solutions in Brisbane

Our team are trained, experienced and licensed to advise on the best method for eradicating fleas, and will offer a solution that suits each individual circumstance.

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More about fleas

Fleas are common parasites that become particularly prevalent and annoying in the warm and humid environment of late Spring and Summer. They are an ectoparasite which means that they live on the outside of the host. For pet owners, this is anywhere on the body of a beloved pooch or kitty, where they bite the animal and feed on their blood.

Small black “ground” fleas are often mistaken for another species when they are actually newly hatched, unfed fleas. Once they have gorged themselves on their host, they assume a normal appearance.

Fleas have no wings and are quite small, from 2 to 4 mm in length. They are dark brown to black in colour, with a narrow body and long legs which they use to jump up to 20cm vertically and 40cm horizontally.

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