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Pest Control Specialists in Sunnybank

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Pest Control in Sunnybank

Sunnybank is a suburb in the City of Brisbane, located 15 km from the CBD.

It is well-serviced by public transport and is close to the M2 and M3 highways.

The majority of housing in Sunnybank is still stand-alone houses, but with new land releases now rare, most of the new developments are higher density residential and commercial projects.

From a farmland originally, the area has transformed into a suburbia by the first part of the 20th century. Today, Sunnybank is a flourishing multi-cultural suburb, with obvious Asian influences in design, food and culture.

Potential Risks for Pest Infestation

Sunnybank can be pretty busy, especially during weekends as both locals and visitors flock to the area to experience its popular Asian dining precinct. While this is great for the local economy, it also means a playground for various pests such as cockroaches and rodents who love the rubbish that people and establishments leave carelessly.

The area’s industrial precinct also attracts pests, mainly the large sheds that are ideal hiding places for pigeons, rats and possums. If this is ignored, pests can breed in large numbers in no time and can quickly invade the homes that are nearby.

Sunnybank creeks like Oxley also attract pests because it is a good food source. Insects breed here, attracting other pests like spiders and cockroaches. These waterways are home to ducks. While this sounds like a fun thing to do, especially for the kids, it leads to other problems because of the leftover food. It is not unheard of for rats to scurry to these areas to scavenge for leftover foods.

Ant Treatment in Sunnybank

There are more than 4,000 species of ants in Australia. In Brisbane and its suburbs, the ants that you would normally encounter are Fire Ants, Yellow Crazy Ants, Electric Ants and Garden Ants. A number of species of ants can be found in Brisbane, including greenhead ants, carpenter ants, meat ants and black garden ants.

Whatever species you see in your home, they will disturb and interfere your every routine. Ants ca sting pretty badly, but what’s worst is probably the fact that a property with an ant infestation is seen caused by a lack of maintenance and cleanliness.

Call your local pest control specialist for comprehensive ant treatment services that will ensure to get rid of the infestation and protect your home from future infestation.

Flea Pest Control

Brisbane’s warm, humid weather is very appealing to fleas. Humans are safe from a flea bite, but pets are. Their bites can cause allergic reactions in animals, sometimes so severe that it can result in the shedding of fur, weight loss, etc. Fleas feed on blood, and they can consume blood of up to 15 times of their body weight.

You can find live fleas in carpets, draperies and furniture as a result from falling off from the infected pet. If you see your pet scratching more than usual or you find dot-like bugs in the fur of your pets, it’s time to call a pest control company to provide a tailored solution depending on the severity of the infestation.

Sunnybank Termite Treatment

Termites don’t pose a threat to our health, but it can impact us financially by destroying our house from within. Queensland is home to two species of termites, also called white ants: subterranean termites and dry-wood termites.

Aside from wood, their other food sources are wood furniture, books and paper, swimming pool liners, insulation, filtration systems, and more. Once termite attack your home, they may also leave it wide open for other pests to enter.

Signs of a termite attack are not always obvious. Sagging doors and floors, presence of mud shelter tubes in your property, dry mud in the door joints or window architraves, are some of the signs that you should look out for.

As soon as you these signs or if you suspect termite infestation in your property, call for professional termite eradication and control services immediately.


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Bedbug Extermination Services

There are two types of bedbugs in Australia: cimex lectularius and cimex hemipterus, also known as the topical bed bug. However, cimex hemipterus is more common than cimex lectularius in the country.

Bedbugs are not known spreaders of diseases, nor do they inflict structural damage to properties. However, these blood-sucking pests should still be taken seriously because they can make your life miserable. Bedbug bites are not painful, but they eventually turn into welts that can turn into severe allergic reactions. People who live in a bedbug-infested home can suffer from mental health issues, including stress and anxiety, and insomnia.

It’s not easy to identify a bedbug infestation because you won’t notice even if you get bitten. By the time you notice, the infestation might already be in its advance stage. There are signs of bedbug infestation, you just need to be aware of them. If you see blood stains on your bed cover and pillowcases, droppings, eggshells or shed skins in your furniture or bedding, musty odour, or itchiness causing you to lose sleep, call your local pest control company for effective bed bug inspection and treatment.

Cockroach Control in Sunnybank

There are three species of cockroaches that can be found in Queensland residences and commercial spaces: American cockroach, Australian cockroach, and German cockroach.

People tend to ignore a cockroach when they see it, unaware that the presence of one means there are hundreds more hiding in dark and damp areas in your home. Cockroaches are more than a nuisance as they carry bacteria and pathogens that cause health issues such as severe allergic reactions, salmonella, urinary tract infection, and more.

Even if you don’t see a live cockroach in your spaces, it doesn’t mean you’re safe. There are signs of cockroach infestation that you have to watch out for. Unpleasant odour, presence of black or brown colour droppings, and shed skins – these are signs that you need to call in professionals for removal of cockroaches from your property.

Sunnybank Rodent Removal

Queensland’s most common rodents that can invade both residential and commercial premises are the Norway rats, roof rats and house mouse.

Rodent activity is mostly high at night, so you may not be able to see live rodents to verify their presence. Despite no sighting, your home can still harbour rodents. If you see droppings cupboards, around food packages, the sink, etc., nesting materials like paper, fabric and dried plant matter, or state, pungent odour from hidden places in your property, call your local pest removal expert who can identify the rodent species that have invaded your property and will create a tailored solution for that particular species.

If you are building a new home, renovating or buying a home in Sunnybank, you will need to consider what termite prevention solutions are available. Our company offers all types of solutions including physical and chemical barriers as well as reticulation systems. You can reach us on


Sunnybank Termite Hazard Level

High – Very High Risk

Termite Hazard Level Gauge image

According to the Interim Termite Hazard Map by CSIRO, the Brisbane area, where Sunnybank is located, is in the high-risk category for termite infestation.

Because Sunnybank is close to the sea, the area is a good target by drywood termites, which need high moisture content in the timber they attack.

Termite Images Suburb

Termite Image from CSIRO

Throughout Queensland, the most commonly found termites are Subterranean termites and Drywood termites.

The West Indian drywood termite, is the world’s most destructive drywood termite. It is the culprit to massive economic damage to timber houses in Queensland, including properties in Sunnybank.

  • A coastal environment like Wynnum is prone to termite and vermin attacks.

  • The number one thing that attracts termites is water or moisture. It is almost a guarantee that if a home has water leakage problems, it will soon be invaded by termites, if it hasn’t been already.

  • Damage to homes, whether made from weatherboard, is likely if termites, or white ants, are left unchecked. 


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