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Termite Home Inspections in Cannon Hill

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Pest Control in Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill is a suburb of Brisbane, located 10.4 km by road east of the Brisbane GPO.

It has 5,533 residents.

This well-located suburb offers the convenience of café and retail precincts and the Cannon Hill Shopping Center, as the easy access to Carindale Shopping Centre and Brisbane’s international airport via the Gateway Motorway.

Cannon Hill is the perfect address for young growing families. With a mix of old and new houses, it is slowly evolving as one of the most sought-after suburbs in Brisbane. As a matter of fact, the main demographic in Cannon Hill is young families, with an average age of 29-39.

The residential areas are a mix of foundation homes on large plots, and a few apartment blocks and townhouses.

Potential Risks for Pest Infestation

Cannon Hill is appealing to various pests in contact of its natural environment and weather. The major pest problem in Cannon Hill is termites. The suburb is considered by local pest control companies as one of the suburbs with the highest incidence of termite infestation.

The following are the types of pests that are commonly encountered in Cannon Hill.

Termite Control in Cannon Hill

The risk of termite attack in Cannon Hill is quite high due to several reasons. First, the age of the homes is over 60 years old on average. This means any chemical treatment used has expired, or the various renovations had created openings where termites can enter the home.

The homes in Cannon Hill generally feature suspended wooden floors propped by concrete stumps with a laundry area in the area that in on ground level. This is used by termites as entry points.

Cannon Hill is an established suburb and is its gardens. This means your garden or your neighbour’s could have old tree stumps with a termite nest. The suburb also has plenty of big trees and damp gullies – the perfect habitat for termites.

There are many parklands with plenty of eucalyptus trees which termites love. Another issue is its close proximity to Bulimba Creek and Seven Hills Reserve.

With Cannon Hill being a high-risk area for termite attacks, homeowners are advised to have termite barriers installed around their property and have their homes inspected for termites regularly.

Rodent Control in Cannon Hill

If you hear scratching noises in your roof or walls, you might be harbouring mice or rats in your home. We have been co-existing with these rodents since the earth was young.

Rodents enter human habitats in search of food. They are dangerous to have around because they contaminate food and are carriers of diseases. They also carry fleas, which cause their own set of problems.

This is why rodents need to be eliminated from your home. Call for professional assistance and let experienced technicians identify the type of rodent that is in your home and apply the most appropriate treatment.

Silverfish Control

Though they don’t pose a health risk, silverfish are considered pests because of their appetite and capacity to damage your property. These wingless, nocturnal insects got their name from the silvery-grey colour of their body.

Their diet mainly consists of carbohydrates such as sugar and starches. They love feeding on book bindings, carpet, clothing, coffee, glue, hair, paint, paper, photos, plaster, and more. They may also eat cotton, dead insects, linen, silk, food crumbs, etc.

They can usually be found in dark, moist areas. Silverfish are rarely seen outside to avoid human detection. However, silverfish are more likely to be found in a humid or wet environment like the attics or basements.


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Spider Control

People find spiders scary because of the perceived danger that they pose and their general appearance. Additionally, it cobwebs look untidy and messy. Some species used their webs to catch prey, which mainly consist of other small bugs.

The common species of spiders found in Queensland include Black House Spiders, Huntsman Spiders, White-tailed Spiders, Redback Spiders, Daddy Long Legs, and Wolf Spiders. Spider venom can be dangerous but only about 2% are fatal.

A spider bite, in general, will have the following symptoms: mild pain, redness, itching, nausea, swelling and vomiting. If a person starts feeling unwell, call for medical assistance.

Ant Control in Cannon Hill

The most common species in Queensland include Coastal Brown Ants, Carpenter Ants, Bull Ants, Black House Ants, Garden Ants and Odorous House Ants.

Ants may look harmless, but they are far from it. They are strong and they pack a powerful punch. Species like the bull ant deliver a painful sting. Though ant bites rarely cause severe side effects, some people can develop an allergic reaction and may need medical attention.

Ants are difficult to eliminate because they can infest a home in large numbers. Professional pest control technicians use a range of baits, traps and gels to eliminate them. For more effective and long-lasting treatments. Practice good hygiene and sanitation measures to prevent ant infestation.

Mosquito Control

Brisbane has a lot of mosquitoes because of its warm, tropical weather and coastal mangrove swamps are breeding grounds for their larvae. Mosquitoes are more active at dusk and dawn and sunlight dehydrates and kills them.

Mosquitoes, at least the female ones, suck blood from warm blooded creatures. A mosquito bite can be deadly because it can transmit serious diseases such as Ross River fever, dengue and malaria.

If you notice a mosquito infestation in your garden or backyard, it’s time to call for professional assistance from experienced pest control technicians.

If you are building a new home, renovating or buying a home in Cannon Hill, you will need to consider what termite prevention solutions are available. Our company offers all types of solutions including physical and chemical barriers as well as reticulation systems. You can reach us on

How Bob Gunn Termite Home Inspections Can Help:
Bob Gunn Termite Solutions specialises in termite control and works with a team of skilled experts who are fully trained in identifying and treating a wide range of pest problems.
Why Cannon Hill Needs Bob Gunn Termite Solutions:
Research shows that the average annual growth on property in Cannon Hill is over 2.5 percent, which brings with it the need for effective and skilled property pest control, pre-construction pest inspections and building pest inspections — Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has been offering these services throughout Queensland for over 25 years.
Don’t Worry About Pests:
The residents and business owners of Cannon Hill can rest assured their property will be treated professionally to control any kind of pests.

Residents of Cannon Hill, request a free quote for Termite Home Inspection from Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, the pest control experts today!

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Cannon Hill Termite Hazard Level

High – Very High Risk

Termite Hazard Level Gauge image

According to the Interim Termite Hazard Map by CSIRO, the Brisbane area, where Cannon Hill is located, is in the high-risk category for termite infestation.

Because Cannon Hill is close to the sea, the area is a good target by drywood termites, which need high moisture content in the timber they attack.

Termite Images Suburb

Termite Image from CSIRO

Throughout Queensland, the most commonly found termites are Subterranean termites and Drywood termites.

The West Indian drywood termite, is the world’s most destructive drywood termite. It is the culprit to massive economic damage to timber houses in Queensland, including properties in Cannon Hill.

  • A coastal environment like Wynnum is prone to termite and vermin attacks.

  • The number one thing that attracts termites is water or moisture. It is almost a guarantee that if a home has water leakage problems, it will soon be invaded by termites, if it hasn’t been already.

  • Damage to homes, whether made from weatherboard, is likely if termites, or white ants, are left unchecked. 


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