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A Red Back’s bite could be fatal!

Effective Spider Control Solutions in Brisbane

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More about Red Backs

Red back spiders are thought to have made the journey to the eastern states from Western Australia and South Australia.

The shelter provided by buildings, outhouses, farm machinery, patio furniture and all the other trappings of civilisation have made them very comfortable around humans, although that feeling is definitely not reciprocated.

They have hitched rides in items bound for overseas in shipping containers, and are now found in Osaka, Japan, New Caledonia, New Zealand and parts of Europe..

The redback is a webbing spider as opposed to a crawling or hunting spider. The female is the largest at 12-15mm while the male is much smaller at 3-4mm and is rarely seen. The redback has a large bulbous abdomen with the famous red or orange stripe appearing on the top. The legs are long and thin, tapering at the ends. The male is a different colour to the female, usually with a white abdomen with 4 black bars on each side.

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