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Carpet beetles can cause significant damage

Carpet Beetle Control Services in Queensland

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More about carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are widely distributed and cause damage by feeding on animal based materials in homes and other buildings. There are four that are the most prevalent – the variegated carpet beetle, the furniture carpet beetle and the black carpet beetle.

Only the Australian carpet beetle is a native.

Adult carpet beetles are small with their head and legs hidden beneath their compact, oval bodies. Variegated and furniture carpet beetles are mottled yellow, white and black and are 2-3 mm long. The Australian carpet beetle is the same size but dark with light markings. The black carpet beetle is a more elongated shape, black obviously with brown legs, and larger than the others at 3-5 mm. The larvae of the carpet beetle are 4-7mm long depending on the species, are brown in colour, move slowly and are covered in bristles.

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