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Birds can cause damage to your health and property

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More about birds

Birds have successfully cohabited with humans for thousands of years. Even before there was a need for bird control, grain crops planted by the first humans gave birds a ready source of food. Early dwellings, no matter how humble, also sheltered them from the elements and predators.

Unfortunately, the level of cohabitation has been so successful that, in many cities and towns, their populations have multiplied to the extent that they are now a danger to human health and have caused millions of dollars in property damage. This has resulted in a need for bird control.

Bird Proofing & Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Birds including Pigeons around Brisbane do enjoy the installation of solar systems mounted on the roof. Solar Systems easily give a safe position to make a nest, stay and roost and once they arrive its almost impossible to move them on.

Having nesting birds though on your roof comes with all sorts of unwanted issues such as the spread of disease, droppings clogging up your gutters causing them to rust from the inside. Solar panels being less efficient due to droppings, and also
noise from the scratching and squawking.

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Most of the problems are caused by bird droppings and their nesting habits. Bird droppings are very acidic and if left to build up for long periods of time, for example on a roof, the acid can eat through the roofing material and cause small holes.

The same applies to air conditioning systems which are often mounted on the roof. Droppings on the machinery casings, if constant enough, can cause the same type of damage as on a roof. They also pose a health and safety hazard to the maintenance technician called to repair the damage.

Nest materials accumulating in a ceiling can be a fire hazard due to the nature of their composition i.e. dry twigs, hair, dead leaves and droppings. They are also a breeding ground for lice and fleas which find their way inside buildings through tiny crevices or cracks in the ceiling mouldings.

The lice and fleas immediately attach themselves to a human host and start biting resulting in an itchy skin which is very unpleasant. They can also carry a number of diseases.

The most common birds to nest in ceilings and cause problems are pigeons, starlings and sparrows. Trying to eradicate them with chemical treatments or trapping can be difficult, as new birds will find the nest sites and resettle there.

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