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More about bees

Bees belong to one of the largest insect groups, the Order Hymenoptera. No other group of insects is as essential to human survival as bees. Bees pollinate over one-sixth of the world’s flowering plant species and 400 of its agricultural plants. Badly pollinated plants produce fewer and misshapen fruits and lower yields of seed.

Because they are known to sting, bees get some bad publicity, and for people who are allergic to their venom, a bee sting is a serious matter. However, keeping everything in perspective, without bees we would struggle to feed the Earth’s population.

In South East Queensland we have the European honeybee familiar to most, but there are also a number of native bees. Some live in hives but the majority of bees are solitary with each female making her own nest. The solitary bees will sting but the social bees living in hives are stingless.

Most bees have two transparent wings with a few veins and forewings that are larger than the hindwings. Their bodies are covered in hairs designed to trap pollen which they groom with their legs to carry back to the hive. Honeybees are the most recognised and familiar. The common stingless bee in South East Queensland is about 4mm long, black with whitish hairs on the side of the thorax.

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